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In this brief article, look at what water ingress actually is, its various causes and how to avoid and/or treat water ingress in commercial buildings. Water ingression is when unwanted water gets its way into a commercial building or even your house. Any water entering your property or a commercial building is bad news, period. Water that has come from a leaking roof, floor drain, pipe breakage, or leaking appliance can lead to disaster. If you don’t take immediate action, the problem only gets worse over time and can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs. Click Here – https://etspeaksfromhome.co.uk/2021/06/water-ingress-causes-signs-prevention.html

What Are the Common Causes of Water Ingress?

So, what can you do about water ingress? Well, one of the most common solutions used to stop it is to create a water seal around the inside perimeter of the foundation walls and around the exterior face of the foundation. This is usually done with special plastic flaps called “cavity wall ties”. Cavity wall ties help prevent water ingress by “stopping” the water before it has a chance to travel through the house or commercial property.

Another solution to preventing water ingress issues is to prevent moisture from getting inside your house through cracks and/or porous surfaces such as basement walls. One simple way to accomplish this is to check all plumbing leaks on a regular basis. Any cracks or porous surfaces that are allowing moisture to get inside should be fixed immediately. Another simple but effective solution is to invest in a set of industrial drywall caulking tools. These tools are designed specifically to cut through metal and wood, so you know you will have no problem dealing with any moisture issues your property may have. By doing a little planning now, you will save yourself a lot of headaches later.

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